A family business founded in the 1970s, with our head office in Vallirana (Barcelona). We manufacture copper granules, using all types of material with copper content (cables, vehicle wiring, connectors, etc.)

We are a registered industrial waste management company accredited by the Catalan Waste Agency. Registration No. E-838.03. Put down a deposit for use of our containers. Our transporters are authorised by the Catalan Waste Agency. We take care of the necessary environmental documentation: waste tracking forms, waste delivery receipts, certificates of destruction.

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Redelca clients are repeat clients, who value our consistent service and products.
Our materials are always used for manufacturing processes when clients need to prove origin and the methodology of product trials.

Our dedication to continuous improvement has been so consistent over the years it is built into our DNA. Our aim is to achieve the elusive goal of excellence by following the circular economy for finite raw materials.

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New facilities and investment in our copper and aluminium plants have enabled us to improve how we adapt our transformation services to our clients’ requirements at the point of separating the copper or aluminium from plastic. We can separate diverse materials such as multiple cables, and materials containing lead, aluminium, iron, copper…

We also have a variety of machines for unspooling different types of reels, whether metal or wooden.

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RECUPERADORA DEL CABLE Y GESTION DE RESIDUSO S.L. (hereinafter Redelca) was founded in the 1970s. Its main activity focuses on the recycling of materials with copper content that are generated in industrial processes, especially in the field of components for the automotive sector, thus helping to boost the circular economy. Beyond the commercialization of ordinary metallic products, Redelca stands out for the manufacture of recycled copper granules of different qualities, which stand out for the high degree of metallic purity and the low level of improper.

After carrying out a process of internationalization of the company -mainly in relation to the suppliers that provide the residual metallic materials, but also in terms of clients who acquire the recycled metallic products-, the main objective of the organization’s Management lies in optimizing the quality standards of the product and the service that we offer to the client, within a framework of respect for the environment, circular economy, sustainability, and security measures.
In particular, Redelca does not stop advancing in those production technologies that allow improving the quality of the recycled product, minimizing the environmental impact of our activity, obtaining more efficient use of the resources that are invested and assure a greater guarantee of safety conditions and health for our workers. In this regard, it should be noted that Redelca’s long-term objective is to reintroduce all the materials it collects into the production circuit.
The recycling plant is located in the Baix Llobregat region (Barcelona) in the municipality of Vallirana, specifically in the Can Prunera industrial park, Solsonès street number 14, nave C. The site has about 1,184.80 m2, between plant and offices and 3,318 m2 of yard and outdoor space. It has machinery and facilities specially designed for the recovery of copper waste.
The activity is authorized by the Vallirana City Hall and registered by the competent authority, the Catalan Waste Agency, in the General Register of Waste Managers with code E-838.03. It also has Producer code P-12634.2 and NIMA 0800445982.
As a product of REDELCA’s management, the copper obtained from the recovery process becomes a high-quality raw material for the market, complying with the principles of a circular economy. REDELCA activity is carried out in the national and international context.
In order to carry out its activities successfully, REDELCA has the appropriate human team for its purposes, which performs the functions defined in the company’s organization chart.
Aware of the responsibility in the preservation of the environment, the materials are treated to achieve the highest quality of the product and the minimization of waste.

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